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Poetry Nook: The Anti-Feminist

Forgive my anger for the following word

“Anti-Feminist” accused, so surely absurd

To simply ask if a woman’s officer at work

Should quantify the same male counterpart

With filthy looks now I’m the jerk

To suggest equality and act with heart

‘Our men are fragile and need security too

They need just as much as women do

See: my partner was taught not to cry

Our male soldiers trained to be the first to die

They’re dying by their own hand more than any other

There’s more to equality than protecting a single mother

There’s strife in the mind to yourself a loner

No breasts doesn’t denote a steel persona

And when yes women struggle with elements of life

Let us not take away the perpetuating strife

If both fall in the playground we don’t only pick the girl up

We’d pick the boy too until we deem too old STAND UP

Be a man, be big, be strong, be rich

And now us women are part of the sitch

We’re as fucked up as each other, 2018 we admit

At what point do we stop and say, equality submit?’

Now I’m Anti-Feminist for the mere mention

That men also suffer from brain detention

I pledge for strong women and smashing glass ceilings,

It hurts to know you misconstrued my feelings.

This is not to say women don’t need that arm,

But that men do too and teamwork’s a charm

A women’s officer yes, but a men’s one too

In our troubled world we can all be blue

With career and money and guilt and pressure

We are all crumbling through competitive measure

But with the sky falling, what only makes us stronger

Is unison as people, to make us last longer

Let a man be he himself, however he wishes

Let a woman be she herself, however she wishes

This is not the era when we couldn’t drink in a pub or even vote

This is the time we use each other to stay afloat

Women and men stand equal in hand

Mirrored in worth to make a stand

Cuss your label on me when I act with care

Shame on you for having the dare

The Anti-Feminist, think twice think not

Unless new wave feminism have morals forgot

This isn’t about misogyny or housewife and chain

This is about loving each other, and supportive gain.

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