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Poetry Nook: July 22 & You

Talk of plaster and conservatory

Two dimension self is mandatory

Think of beige in dulux paint chart

Speak of renovations you wish to start

Fabricate your memories to peak your tone

While never admitting your truly alone

Dependent and flat with hamartia in tow

You are the gothic poet’s black crow

Feed on misery and feed on hate

Powered by the ripple effect your lies create

Act as a martyr tell no one the truth

Live in denial with a manner uncouth

To hold no emotion, compassion or stay

The audacity to treat my love that way

And yet these flaws unravel in the end

Until we cannot continue to pretend

Who we really are, facade broken away

To be those souls we wish wouldn’t stay

Trust broken, immediate shatter

To know all along it never did matter

Your truth was tainted and painted black

Your tongue a trigger in the heart attack

Understand this reality is askew

Understand I can never trust you.

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