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Music Time Stamp: August 2018

The ongoing monthly music journal. Thing got raw, shit got real.

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Music Time Stamp: July 2018

The ongoing monthly music journal. A month of trial and error, of learning how to own your flaws, and a remapping of life. Or, to some people, a quarter life crisis. Potyato potatoe.

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Poetry Nook: July 22 & You

Talk of plaster and conservatory Two dimension self is mandatory Think of beige in dulux paint chart Speak of renovations you wish to start Fabricate your memories to peak your tone While never admitting your truly alone Dependent and flat with hamartia in tow You are the gothic poet’s black crow Feed on misery and feed on hate Powered by the ripple effect your lies create Act as a martyr tell no one the truth…

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Poetry Nook: Smash

It’s in the matter of win or lose To whether ‘smash’ dictates baby or bruise And while they laugh of mislaid touch There’s cowering in fear of such And who we blame for broken skin Our beloved England team who did not win.

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