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Music Time Stamp: November 2018

The ongoing monthly music journal. Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy.

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Poetry Nook: The Anti-Feminist

Forgive my anger for the following word “Anti-Feminist” accused, so surely absurd To simply ask if a woman’s officer at work Should quantify the same male counterpart With filthy looks now I’m the jerk To suggest equality and act with heart ‘Our men are fragile and need security too They need just as much as women do See: my partner was taught not to cry Our male soldiers trained to be the first to die…

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Poetry Nook: #WMHD

Don’t say it for a like when there’s a suicide spike don’t exaggerate for attention when for most the mere mention is a trigger and spiral not a post to go viral don’t class abrupt brain function as a choice like its right or left at a junction for those whose lives are ruined through this it’s shackles that led us amiss we are still people and breathing at least today and with a kinder…

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Music Time Stamp: September 2018

The ongoing monthly music journal. A little closure, emotional emancipation, and the glorious return of sweater weather.

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