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Own Your Flaws

I quit my job on Monday. No full time job in the works, no plan, no trust fund safety net. Just my badass lady balls and finally understanding: I was owning my triggers. And I’m not worried- not one little bit. I’ve been trying to understand some coping mechanisms for the malfunctioning of my brain cogs (also known as mental illness, chemical imbalance; often presumed to be PMS) as of late, as my panic attacks…

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Lady Bracknell & The Backpacker

I came to Sofia to spend a week writing. In between jobs and unsure about my place in this little world of ours, it felt an appropriate week to take a little ‘me time’ to spend writing scripts and ponder about what to do with myself longer term. As a constant wanderer, I was beginning to feel a little misplaced and in need for a compass to point me where to go. I am writing…

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