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The Green License

I learnt to drive in Merthyr Tydfil. I had only been living there through a grad job which based its office in the odd town because of cheap studio rental costs. That’s like learning to drive in the hardest terrain of mario kart, except there are more rogue toddlers, one way systems and perpetual narrow rabbit tunnel roads. 23, passed theory test with flying colours. I got so nervous beforehand that I dived into the…

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Skip The Small Talk: Trust

Bucharest, Tuesday evening. Podstel Hostel garden, delicately lit with the perfect ratio of fairy lights and lamps in a wooden garden ‘hut’- hut in more of a glamping sense than a rugged tee-pee. A group of around twenty in a knee to knee circle cross legged among a vivid myriad of cushions and textiles. French, Romanian, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, Polish, American and two token Brits who naturally navigated together with talks of the weather. The…

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Thomas & The Blanket

January saw the freshest of new starts. On the second I moved to West London, and got lost trying to find my new flat while in the middle of a thunderstorm holding my new duvet and pillows courtesy of Tesco Extra. On the third I started my brand new job at a University. The entire prospect of renting and ‘9-5’ work was awfully daunting after 18 months of short term jobs abroad and being accountable…

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Starlight Strong: Scott

This feels unreal to post. It’s been a paradox since Thursday morning. The shock still makes fingers tremble. Senses have been numbed and anger leashed on unsuspecting bystanders. The pure nonsensical nature merged with the sheer love and adoration that has been celebrated in its thousands. It has been an honour to be a part of his legacy, no matter how minor in scale, and smile with the memories of him. To have been privileged…

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