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So, 28.

Ever the optimist, recurring tonsillitis and ear infections is a marvelous opportunity to hone the art of mime. Currently on day four of the latest episode, the eve of my 28th birthday, mute and with the hearing of an immersive horror ASMR experience. The fact that I look like a thumb from swelling leads only to the epitome of attractiveness, even if I do say so myself. The mix of antibiotics, cough medicine and codeine…

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3rd October, One Year On

It was the 14:25 Heathrow to Copenhagen British Airways flight.   I was seated in the BA lounge, a little luxury courtesy of a family members frequent flyer perks. The BA lounge is usually a playground for me- people watching, a perfect writing table with my journal, and all the cocktails/wine/diet soda my bladder can handle before take off. This time, however, the experience was two dimensional. I made a Bloody Mary with a side…

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My Friend Died in the Florida Shootings.

I’ve tried to write this article six times, yet each time it feels insufficient. So if this isn’t working out for you, don’t judge me because it probably isn’t working out for me either and I’ll more than likely delete it within a day or two. The reason is the sensitive nature: shootings and terror. I had been too young (10) to understand any aspect of The Twin Towers collapsing, heck I didn’t know much…

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Trust, Morality & Ethics in 24 Hours

Since the Skip the Small Talk: Trust  event I wrote about previously, the ethics of trust has been playing on my mind considerably. A new entrant to the study of philosophy, the application to our morality is a constant analysis which has become a fascination. The night of the talk, a group of us left to visit some of the local bars. Myself and a female Kiwi I had only just met were the only ones who…

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