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60 Second Video Project

On the 1st of each month from September 2018, my sister gives me a single word. I have until the end of that month to make a 60 second video based on that word.

September 2018 “Photo”

The word photo made me think of how much I photograph my nephew, and how these photographs hide all the history and trauma myself and my family have experienced. This piece was made as an ode to my nephew, highlighting how innocence and children can help us through the darkest of times.

In this moment, does he know how he’s healing

All the pain, the anguish we’re feeling

Through what his soft eyes forgot they saw

Which left our hearts ripped and raw

The pursuit of laughter under every leaf

Unaware of this world tainted by grief

And in this moment, captured like this

We represent a genuine bliss

Because in this snapshot of time you see here

We didn’t seek to shed a tear

For these single moments, they keep us going

Our hearts beating and still they’re knowing

Through layers of hurt and with stars above,

In this moment we have nothing but love.

October 2018 “Noble”

So my darling sister decided to take on ‘words which have many a meaning’ for the challenge, and here it got a little harder.

A failed Ross Noble animation later, we wound up with a Philosophy lesson in a minute. Clearly a BBC Bitesize presenter in waiting.

To clarify- I read philosophy for enjoyment and to keep my neurosis at an exceptionally high level, but never studied it academically. My interpretations are not to be stated as fact, as philosophers work is always digested differently according to every reader.